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The diagnosis of cancer affects everything in your life. Doctors are equipped with teams to battle this disease and you as a patient deserve a team of your own. A team to help you cope with every aspect of cancer treatment.

Guide Posts of Strength, Inc. (GPS) has assembled a team of trusted experts to help you bypass the overwhelming task of searching for all of this information alone.

Our experts include a dentist, family physician, genetic testing counselor, hair stylist, insurance specialist, nutritionist, medical oncologist, pharmacist, psychologist and surgeon. For GPS they have combined their professional commitment to caring for those with cancer with lessons learned by their own personal experiences with this disease.

In a perfect world, you would have the opportunity to sit down and chat with each of these professionals. GPS now gives you the opportunity to “virtually” meet with each of our trusted experts and learn key information to help you get started on this journey.

At right are our Trusted Experts listed by category.

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