What is Survivorship?

Ellen Winnet

If you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with cancer, you may be feeling very overwhelmed and uncertain of the future. You might feel as if you are facing an unknown journey with life-changing decisions, detours and turns in different directions. Fear of the unknown can be scary.

Cancer GPS can help you navigate this journey. GPS is a non-profit organization housed in the Hayworth Cancer Center which offers services to both patients, family and friends. All our services are free and serve patients with all types of cancer.

Cancer GPS hosts monthly educational meetings, our Survivorship Series, intended for survivors in all stages of treatment and with all types of cancer. The caregiver is also recognized as an integral part of the team with their own set of needs and nurturing.

Although your medical team is your primary source of information, sometimes you forget or are hesitant to ask a question, not ready to process the information you have received or just want more knowledge. Life is different after cancer and sometimes issues arise that you may not expect or for which you are not prepared. These programs are planned BY survivors and co-survivors FOR survivors and co-survivors and attend to every facet of the wellness wheel- physical, emotional, social, psychological, spiritual, nutritional, and financial

You can receive assurance that your experiences are “normal”, ask questions, receive support from a group of peers and receive assurance in your “new normal” at our monthly Survivorship Series held at the Cancer Center the second Monday of every month. The sharing of stories by others is a wonderful learning opportunity for all.