Scenic Byways

Scenic Byways is a virtual gallery where you can submit your own works of art and experience art created by others in the following categories: Music, Theatre, Writing, Crafts, Pictures as well as other artistic expressions.

Nalina Chinnasami, Director of Creative Expression, Guide Posts of Strength.

Nalina Chinnasami, Director of Creative Expression

Creative expression allows each of us to express our thoughts and feelings in a very personal way. Creativity gives life to a concept. It affects our attitudes. It brings healing to your inner self, and that’s very important now that you are on this cancer journey.

To participate in Scenic Byways you do not need to be an accomplished artist. There is pleasure in both creating and enjoying an expression. One person may like to read a book while another wants to write one. Some may want to listen to music while others want to compose. One person may want to enjoy art but others want to create it.

Wherever you are in your cancer journey, whatever change you are experiencing can be communicated in many ways that are personal to you.

Even though there are 7,000 different languages in the world, creative expression allows us to get closer to a universal language. Express your thoughts and feelings in music, movement and dance, stories, poetry, drama, books, painting, pottery, photography, scrapbooking, cooking, gardening, etc. to create your own expression of the cancer journey.

We invite you to submit your creative expression through the virtual gallery at Scenic Byways and experience the creative expressions of others.

We hope you enjoy the background music Vivaldi – Four Seasons Violin Concertos. We chose this particular piece as it represents the different seasons of our life. Expression knows no boundaries – CREATE IT.

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