List of Cancer Drugs

This list includes more than 50 cancer drug information summaries from NCI. The summaries provide consumer-friendly information about cancer drugs and drug combinations.

Summaries for individual cancer drugs cover the uses of these drugs, research results, possible side effects, approval information, and ongoing clinical trials. The list includes brand and generic names for the drugs.

Summaries for cancer drug combinations are listed by abbreviation or common name and are shown in capital letters. Each summary gives a list of the drugs that make up the combination and explains what the combination is used for. It also has links to summaries for individual drugs in the combination.

S.No Medicine Name Manufacturer Trade Name URL*
1 Abiraterone- Acetate Janssen Biotech
2 Afatnib Boehringinger Ingelheim
3 Axitinib Pfizer
4 Bosutinib Pfizer
5 Cabozantinib Exilixis
6 Capecitabine Genentech - Roche

7 Ceritinib Novartis
8 Cetuximab Bristol-Myers Squibb
9 Chlorambucil GlaxoSmithKline
10 Crizotinib Pfizer
11 Cyclophosphamide Bristol-Myers Squibb
12 Cytarabine Bedford Laboratories
13 Dabrafenib Novartis
14 Dasatinib Bristol - Myers Squibb
15 Doxorubicin liposome Janssen, Sun Pharma
16 Enzalutamide Astellas/Medivation
17 Eribulin Eisai
18 Erlotinib Pfizer
19 Estramustine Genentech/Roche
20 Etoposide Bristol-Myers Squibb
21 Everolimus Novartis
22 Exemestane Pfizer
23 Fulvestrant AstraZeneca
24 Gefitinib AstraZeneca
25 Ibritumomab Spectrum
26 Ibrutinib Pharmacyclic
27 Idelalisib Gilead
28 Imatinib Novartis
29 Ipilimumab Bristol-Myers Squibb
30 Ixabepilone Bristol-Myers Squibb
31 Lapatinib Novartis
32 Lenlalidomide Celgene
33 Lenvatinib Eisai
34 Fulvestrant GlaxoSmithKlinei
35 Nilotinib Novartis
36 Olaparib AstraZeneca
37 Palbociclibb Pfizer
38 Panobinostat Novartis
39 Pazopanib Novartis
40 Pomalidomide Celgene
41 Ponatinib ARAID Pharmaceuticals
42 Procarbazine Sigma Tau Pharm.
43 Regorafenib Bayer
44 Sorafenib Bayer and Onyx
45 Sunitinib Pfizer
46 Temozolomide Merck
47 Topotecan Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline
48 Toremifene Orion and GTx
49 Trametinib GlaxoSmithKline h
50 Trifluridine/tipiracil TAS - 102 Taiho
51 Vandetanib AstraZeneca
52 Vemururafenib Genentech-Roche
53 Vimodegib Genentech-Roche
54 Vorinostat Merck
55 Busulfan GlaxoSmithKline
56 Bicalutamide AstraZeneca
57 Bexarotene Eisai
58 Anastrozole AstraZeneca
59 Aminoglutethimide Novartis
60 Altretamine Eisai
61 Lomustine Bristol-Myers Squibb
62 Letrozole Novartis
63 Lenvatinib Eisai
64 Thalidomide Celgene
65 Lenalidomide Celgene
66 Hydroxyurea Bristol - Myers Squibb

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