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Health Insurance Specialist Judy Pollock Emerywood Hematology / Oncology, High Point, NC

If you think you understand your health insurance coverage, just wait until you are diagnosed with cancer. Suddenly you have to be fluent in lingo like “net individual family out-of-pocket” expenses, “EOB” and “preauthorization.” You also have to thoroughly understand invoices, provider negotiated discounts and patient co-payments.

Cancer care is expensive and those expenses are a big fear. Understanding exactly what your payment responsibilities are will ease your worries.

Judy Pollock has worked face-to-face with cancer patients and one-on-one with their health insurance providers for over a decade. It’s her job to help patients understand how their health insurance will cover their cancer care. She tracks insurance claims, investigates denials and initiates the appeal process when necessary.

“I have found that many people do not fully understand their insurance policies,” Judy observes. So Judy is happy to have the opportunity to take cancer patients and their families on a “guided tour” of what you need to know about your health insurance coverage if you are diagnosed with cancer.

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