GPS Leadership

Dr. Bernard Chinnasami President and Medical Director Dr. Chinnasami has been in practice with Emerywood Hematology/Oncology since 1995 and is medical director for the Hayworth Cancer Center at High Point Regional Health System. He is intricately involved in cancer awareness and cancer care initiatives and also devotes a great deal of time to cancer treatment research studies. Moreover, Dr. Chinnasami is known for his compassionate care and his keen interest in the lives of his patients. It is a role that comes naturally to him since he, too, knows how strongly a cancer diagnosis affects the family. It’s a lesson he learned firsthand when his mother was diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer. Dr. Chinnasami is currently writing a book about lessons he’s learned caring for cancer patients.

Nalina Chinnasami, B.L, LL.M Director of Creative Expressions

While Nalina Chinnasami is an attorney with a Masters in Law from Duke University School of Law and a specialist in Patent and Trademark Law, she is also an accomplished concert pianist. She received her music training from Trinity College of Music in London, one of Europe’s leading music conservatories. She has played concertos with philharmonic orchestra soloist and was involved with the Ministrels music group at Chennai, India.

The wife of GPS founder Dr. Bernard Chinnasami, Nalina, sees and deeply feels the effects of cancer daily. Nalina joins GPS as Director of Creative Expressions to help cancer patients and their families express their emotions in a variety of creative and feel the healing effect of artistic therapy as an integral part of the healing process.

Mike Jones Community Liaison

A graduate of Winston-Salem State University with a degree in Psychology, Mike Jones brings 25 years of experience in Customer Service to Guide Posts of Strength. Mike is a survivor of prostate cancer, skin cancer and leukemia and embodies the definition of “survivor.” An accident 35 years ago left Michael a paraplegic and he truly understands the meaning of overcoming obstacles in life. Michael is passionate about helping those diagnosed with cancer find joy and purpose in each day.

Ellen Winnett Program Director

A 41-year veteran of education, Ellen comes to GPS as a six-year breast cancer survivor and past Relay for Life Event Chair. A volunteer in the Hayworth Cancer Center, Ellen was named the Center’s 2011 Cancer Advocate of the Year. Ellen meets inspiring cancer patients daily and many of those meetings result in lasting friendships. Ellens love of planning events and programs for cancer patients and their families is an invaluable resource for Guide Posts of Strength, Inc.

Adam Chinnasami

Adam Chinnasami is a Junior at the University of Chapel Hill. He is the co-founder of ROG Food tags, a nutritional program designed to educate children in healthy eating habits. His connection to cancer is two-fold. His grandmother had breast cancer, and his father is a medical oncologist. He has therefore had cancer experience from both a cancer patient’s family view and through volunteering through an oncologist’s office. His passion is to work with patients and their families, and he is now part of the Cancer GPS team through a variety of efforts including website development, Cancer GPS international, and a variety of local efforts.

He has a special interest in cancer survivorship, as he believes that cancer is becoming a chronic disease.

Francis Sambandam

Francis Sambandam is a marketing campaign adviser with the organization. He has 30+ years of experience in consulting non profit organizations for planning strategical marketing campaigns and executing so as to get tremendous traffic and listeners all over the globe. In such a way, he is with Cancer GPS to wide spread the cause and bring in results in the form of donations, awareness and much more.