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Designer & Image Consultant Christine Philip, Owner CP Fusão “When you look good, you feel good; Clothes are a tool to boost esteem, confidence, individuality and overall well being.”

Christine Philip challenges the status quo and believes that looking great will help you feel great – which directly correlates to positive changes in moods, happiness and hope.

Coming from a family of physicians and listening to patients’ special needs, Christine has started a clothing line for women who have undergone extensive surgery. She creates beautiful niche clothing to make them look and feel great about themselves regardless of what they have undergone. “All women should feel like women: confident, beautiful, and have a sense of empowerment, and I’m here to help”.

Christine started her career designing Indo-western ‘fusion’ gowns, so that clients can essentially wear fragments of her culture in an everyday setting. She now heads the international design company and private label, CP Fusão. Christine is a graduate of Emory University and holds an MBA in Global Business from the Georgia Institute of Technology Business School. She is also the Editor-in-Chief for Global Glam International Luxury Magazine.

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