To know the road ahead ask those who are coming back.

No one knows the cancer journey better than one who has traveled this road.

Family, friends and even strangers have always informally mentored cancer patients, paying forward their experiences, their lessons learned and their compassion and understanding. Guide Posts of Strength, Inc. (GPS) now takes this process a step further by training mentors in skills that will enhance their ability to help fellow cancer patients through the journey. Once they are trained then we carefully pair our mentors with newly diagnosed patients.

  • Mentor applicants must be approved by their oncologist, pass a personal background check and undergo training by GPS.
  • Once a mentor candidate has completed training, he or she is assigned to a newly diagnosed cancer patient who can benefit from the mentor’s experience.
  • Mentors and patients are matched based on several criteria including but not limited to: type of cancer, age, occupation and marital status.

GPS provides patients, family members and friends with information essential to the cancer journey in an easy-to-navigate website. Our "trusted experts" offer key information from a variety of professions related to cancer care and include a pharmacist, social workers, oncology nurse, hair stylist, insurance expert and more. The website is interactive and encourages a candid exchange of information between visitors.
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These carefully selected and trained cancer survivors guide you through cancer treatments, help you cope with the wide range of emotions that bombard you and your family and encourage you through the ups and downs of living with cancer.
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These educational sessions offer patients, families,friends and mentors reliable information abouttopics such as insurance claims, the psychological challenges of cancer, nutrition, clinical trials, spiritual health and management of medications.

Would you like to chronicle your cancer journey? Our road map will help you chart the milestones, the detours and the shortcuts.