About Cancer GPS

Guide Posts of Strength, Inc. (GPS) provides directions for the journey to cancer patients and their close friends and family members through its interactive website, trusted experts, cancer guides, volunteer mentors and “Intersections,” our regular educational programs.

GPS is the brainchild of oncologist Dr. Bernard Chinnasami. For years Dr. Chinnasami envisioned a program to help cancer patients though the daily challenges of a cancer diagnosis — the challenges that cannot always be addressed in a doctor’s office.

He knew that even the most medically savvy patients become overwhelmed with the onslaught of information — and questions — that come when they hear the word “cancer.” For most folks, it’s simply too much to absorb.

In 2009 Dr. Chinnasami began treating Catherine Weaver for breast cancer. Cathy had worked with Dr. Chinnasami through her career in healthcare public relations so it was natural for the two of them to brainstorm about cancer care. In fact, it was in the chemotherapy room that Dr. Chinnasami and Cathy created GPS..